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November 2008 – January 2009

November 14, 2009

November 2009, 2 weeks in…

I’ve given up eating bread, after finding out that eating 2 slices of bread has the same effect on my body as eating a couple of tablespoons of sugar.  Wow!  I’ve been eating vegemite toast everyday since I had teeth.

I remove the bread from my diet and replace it with eating fruit for breakfast.  I feel really bad most days and in a foul mood.  Other people who started low-carb diets also say that the first 2 weeks is the hardest because you’re breaking your addiction to carbs.  But I drop ~3kgs of body fat so I’m pretty happy and it gives me enough encouragement that what I’m doing is right.

My mother in-law’s reaction to me giving up rice was to claim I had joined a religious cult.

1 month in…

I have removed all grains, grain based food and processed foods from my diet, including starchy vegetables like potatoes and beans.  My mother in-law’s reaction to me giving up rice was to claim I had joined a religious cult.  They don’t accept “not eating rice” in Korea very well.

I feel great, I no longer have blood sugar crashes, I’m no longer tired after meals.  My wife is amazed!  My psoriasis is clearing up.

In fact pretty much all of the things health wise that were ailing me are slowly going away.

The carb addiction has been broken and I feel great.  I’ve now become one of those annoying evangelists for the paleo diet, and I annoy a lot of my friends about it.  Thankfully the evangelism didn’t last long.  I realise a lot of people just don’t want to change and I’m fine with that.

2 months in

I’ve dropped below 80kgs for the first time in a long time.  I’m still feeling great.  I’ve studied a lot more about the role of saturated fats in the diet and the newest research being done indicates that it is not saturated fats and cholesterol which cause heart disease, but inflammation causing cracks in the arterial walls and VLDL (very low dense lipoproteins) which carry tryglicerides (blood sugar) gets stuck in these cracks, oxidise and create arterial plaques.  If this gets bad enough blockages occurr and you know the rest.  So basically, the higher your tryglicerides, the more VLDL your body creates to carry the VLDL.  The history of this research is explained really well in the book Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

Heart disease, heart attacks and strokes are all more likely under a high carbohydrate diet than they are on a high saturated fat diet

I decide then that I’m going break from the paleo diet and add more saturated fat in my diet in the form of eggs, dairy, fatty meats and coconut oil.

Next: Hitting the 70kg mark by eating loads of fat.

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