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Where am I headed?

November 16, 2009

September was my 10th year working in the game development industry. I started as a lowly tester and worked my way up to being CEO of a small company, and working on a number of critically acclaimed games (and plenty of rubbish ones) along the way.

The perception of the gaming geeks, who sit around all day playing (or working on) games, eating pizza and guzzling coke isn’t true in 100% of cases, not all game developers are obese, greasy skinned, 35 year old virgins still living at home, but there’s certainly a higher number than in any other industry I’ve seen!  Besides the virgin, living with my parents and greasy skinned…I was one of them…I used to eat pizza for lunch, drink 1-2 cans of high fructose corn syr *cough* I mean coke per day.

So why am I writing about this? Because I’m moving on. These days I’ve become so passionate about health and fitness that I find myself naturally reading various blogs, websites watching videos 2-3 hours a day and experimenting with fitness and health techniques on myself. I’m also finding that I’m poking my head into my friends and family’s health and trying to (gently) offer advice, especially when they complain about not being able to lose weight or about being sick.

I enjoy writing this blog and helping people with their health and fitness.  So I should follow my passion, even if I don’t exactly know where I will end up it’s going to be a fun ride.

Take my mum for instance. 5 years ago she had breast cancer removed, and she has made a great recovery and no more instances of it coming back. 3 months ago I recommended that her and my dad go on a modified version of a low-carb diet, one that I had tested on myself with great results. 3 months later, shes dropped about 10kgs, 2 dress sizes and is feeling more energetic.  She swears its the best thing she’s ever done and will continue it for the rest of her life.    Her friends are amazed and always ask her what her secret is, and she tells them exactly what she does.  And most people just think they can’t do it.  Giving up carbs is hard.

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”

– Henry Ford

She gets her bloodwork and health regularly checked by her cancer physician, and even she was surprised by how much better her general health has improved. Her “bad” cholesterol (LDL, which is generally accepted as the bad cholesterol, but is not cholesterol and is also not entirely correct that this is the measurement for likelihood of heart disease) has dropped to the point where she was taken off Statins (why she was on them in the first place, i’ll never know, because most women are not susceptible to heart disease) and her Physician also commented that her Vitamin D levels were the highest shes ever been.  High levels of Vitamin D is correlated with less risk of cancer, so of course everyone was happy to hear that.  She’s not taking any supplements either, except for fish oil which was another one of my recommendations.  Of course I’m ecstatic to hear this.  And it spurs me on to learn more and try to help more people.

I’m heading back to Australia in January and relocating to Queensland.  Both my wife and I love it there, and I’m going to start an online course to become qualified as a personal trainer.  I think I’d enjoy working in a gym or a small studio really helping people to lose weight and become stronger.

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