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I’m allergic to eggs?!?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

December 2, 2009

I love eggs.  And who doesn’t?  Runny, yokey soft goodness in a shell, choc full of lovely saturated fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  I could probably live in eggs forever.  In fact since I started a low-carb / caveman / crazy (according to my friends) lifestyle they have replaced bread as my staple food.  I probably eat anywhere between 2-4 eggs a day.  When I get my recipes section up and running I’ll post some photos of all the omelettes I’ve made.

About a week ago I started getting some pretty nasty stomach cramps about an hour after breakfast, which is in fact lunch given that I was intermittently fasting and not eating until 11 or 12-ish most days.  The pains lasted about 2-3 hours and they were also accompanied by lovely rounds of belching, something I’ve managed to remove from my repertoire since I went Low-Carb.

At first I thought it was probably stress related, didn’t give it much attention, but then a lady posted on one of the Low carb forums about Intermittent fasting and the possibility of extended fasting leading to gallstones!  Gallstones are formed when liquid bile contains too much cholesterol, hardens and whamo, gallstones are formed.   This is particularly nasty when one is fasting, bile has nothing to attach to so it builds up, and when that first bit of fat comes in you can get gallstone attacks which are painful and usually at night.

After reading this I got a bit concerned, reading about golf ball size rocks of concrete in my body was not nice and I decided for a few days I was going to go on a more low-fat diet, so I stopped eating eggs for breakfast and bought some fruit.  I also stopped fasting, and started eating a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt, or the previous nights leftovers, usually meat and veg.  I did this for a few days and the symptoms went away.

On Sunday I didn’t sleep really well, and slept in until 12pm.  My wife and I went to a spicy chicken restaurant (by spicy I mean burns at both ends spicy).   So basically I fasted, didn’t eat until 1pm and then ate spicy chicken to break my fast!  No problems.   7pm came around, the wife was out and I was feeling lazy so I fried up a few eggs, to test the “fasting theory”.  I ate 3 fried eggs, 1 hour later.  Blam!  Stomache pains.

So I pretty much scrapped the gallstone theory then and have accepted the fact that I probably have some kind of allergy to eggs.

So why now?  I’ve been eating eggs pretty much daily for the past 12 months and never once had a bad reaction.  Could it be because winter is upon us and usually in winter chickens lay less eggs (because of less sunlight), and they are forced under UV lights to keep pumping out the eggs?  Has something changed in the eggs?

Or have I just developed some kind of allergy over time? Checking out the net I found stories of many people who over time developed allergy to eggs and ended up with the same symptoms, and sometimes worse.  Well whatever it is, eggs are off the recipe for me to be replaced with yoghurt and fruit.

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