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Metabolic Typing

December 13, 2009

I was listening to Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness podcast, and he did an interview with Bill Wolcott, author of the Metabolic Typing Diet.  I’ve never heard of Metabolic Typing before, but listening to Wolcott his ideas and theories regarding diet and health really resonated with me.  The idea behind Metabolic Typing (MT) is that there is no such thing as healthy diet, but everyone has different dietary requirements in order to achieve biochemical and metabolic balance.  The reason we’re all different is because we all live in different climates, eat different foods, environmental conditions, evolution and heredity.  Just like someone might have black hair and another might have blonde hair, biochemically and metabolically, we’re all built differently.

So what works for some people, may have the complete opposite effect in others!  Mind blowing stuff given that I’ve been concrete on a low carb, high protein / fat diet which I thought was healthy for all people.  It works for me, but maybe it doesn’t work for others?

After doing all the research they broke people up into 3 general groups (there is a lot of fine tuning done within the groups).

  • Protein
  • Carbo
  • Mixed

The protein group are fast oxidizers, which mean their cells quickly convert food to energy, so they need to eat more heavy foods that burn slowly such as proteins and fats.  Carbo’s are the other end of the scale and are slow oxidizers which mean they need foods that convert into energy quickly such as high carb foods (grains, starchy vegetables, fruits).

This could explain why my wife (who’s Korean) can eat a high carb, low protein diet and have amazing trygliceride levels of ~40.

I did the self test and I’m definitely in the protein group, which I knew anyway, but there is a lot more interesting information in the book and they have really done their research and tested it on hundreds of thousdands of people to refine their techniques.

Interestingly they found that any food or nutrient may have an opposite biochemical influence from one person to another!   So as an example, Protein types (fast oxidizers) should probably stay away from most fruits which are high in sugar.  Even though we’ve been told that we must eat our fruit and veg, this could actually be causing an biochemical imbalance in our bodies.   I already eat quite a high protein and fat diet, although I haven’t been eating protein at breakfast lately as I’ve been off eggs, its left me feeling hungry all day and I’ve been snacking quite a lot on dairy, dark chocolate and fruit.  Probably not a great mixture for a protein guy.

In the book they go into as much detail as telling you exactly which foods you should and should not eat based on your group, and even explain why those foods are either good or bad depending on your group.  Its a great read and you can tell this is more than a fad diet just on the research they’ve done.

So this week I’m going to start the protein challenge, and see if this MT stuff really works.  I’m also going to try it out on my wife who I think is probably a carbo or mixed and see how it works for her.

Have you tried Metabolic Typing?  How’s it worked out for you?

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