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Want to lose weight?

March 10, 2010

Someone recently e-mailed me and asked for some advice on how to lose weight.  It got me wondering, with all the blogs, websites, books, e-books, videos on diet out there, why is it still so hard to find good, yet easy to understand information on how to lose weight?

Firstly we have to realise that people who write diet books are in it to make money, which is fair enough.   Gotta make a living hey?

But if you give someone a diet plan that is too simple, then the information is quite easy to pass on to family members and friends, so that means less in the authors coffers.  Einstein would be scratching his head at some of these diet books, and its any wonder that most people just give out of sheer frustration at the amount of work they have to do to just be healthy.

Let me fill you in on a little secret.

It ain’t brain surgery.

Here’s how I replied to person that e-mailed me.


Hi <name removed>,

Thanks for your e-mail and really appreciate your kind words!

I’m not sure you are aware of the basic reason that people store body fat?  The reason is insulin.  It has nothing to do with the amount of calories you are eating (which is what most people think).

Insulin is the hormone in the body that regulates fat storage.  Its job is to clear excess blood sugar from your blood stream.  If your body has high levels of blood sugar continuously, this is extremely bad and can cause damage to your liver, eyes, kidneys and can have shocking long term effects (this is basically diabetes, and why people with diabetes are higher risk of cancer, heart disease).  This is the reason that insulin is so important.

If your body is producing lots of insulin you are in fat storage mode.   If its not producing insulin, your body will be in fat burning mode.  Fat is the best energy source, and what we want to be using most of the time for our body to run on.  Again its a misnomer that carbohydrates are the best energy source.  Humans have lived for millions of years using fat as the main energy source.

So we know, high blood sugar -> high insulin -> fat storage

The best way to lose fat is to lower our blood sugar levels.  The only thing that raises blood sugar levels to excessive levels is an excess of carbohydratesCarbohydrate are sugars, and also come in the form of starches and alcohol.  When they hit your liver they quickly become blood sugar.

So to lower your blood sugar we should try to avoid things high in carbohydrates like bread, pasta, anything with sugar, grains, alcohol.

Here are some simple rules you can follow to help you get started.

  1. Only eat unprocessed, whole foods and drinks.  This means real foods, like fresh vegetables and meats, water, tea.
    1. I eat dairy too, only because I’m happy with where my weight is now and I’m trying to build lean muscle mass.  If you’re going to eat dairy make sure its high quality dairy, not stuff made in a big factory.  I drink raw milk from pastured Jersey cows, eat high quality, hand made cheese and eat natural, Greek style yoghurt with no additives or sugar..
    2. The reason for eating unprocessed foods is that processed foods have lots of sugar, chemicals added.
  2. Limit intake of fruits – Fruits have a lot of sugar in them, even though they also have good vitamins and nutrients, these can be replaced with good quality vegetables and meats.  If you want to keep eating fruits, try berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc), as these have the lower sugar levels of all fruits.
  3. Definitely no fruit juice! – Fruit without the fibre.  Its like drinking liquid sugar.
  4. No grains or anything made from grains – Grains are high carb food which spike your blood sugar leading to high insulin levels to clear the excess blood sugar.  Not only will this lead to fat storage, it may also lead to blood sugar crashes. The feeling of “I need something sweet!”
  5. No high starch vegetables – No beans, potatoes or carrots.  These are High starch, high carb vegies.  All other vegies are fine.
  6. Definitely no sugar or alcohol – at least until you are at a healthy weight range, then we can indulge now and again as a cheat meal.
  7. Eat Healthy Fats – Fat does not make you fat, try to eat the healthier, natural fats from meat and eggs.  Cook your food in natural oils like coconut oil, lard, olive oil or butter.
  8. Don’t graze, eat a lot at meals – Eat until you are full.  Lots of small meals through the day only increases your blood sugar levels, Try to eat 2-3 really big meals in your day with nothing in between.  If you’re eating good quality food, you won’t be hungry in between.
  9. Eat protein with every meal – Eggs or meat, make sure you are eating protein at every meal.  Protein is filling and it also increases your metabolism because protein takes the body more energy to break down in energy.

These are some pretty simple rules to help you get started.  You might be worried about things like not having energy, or your cholesterol levels being raised but I can tell you that everyone who does this kind of diet has positive results, loses weight and gets rid of a host of health issues.

I will also mention that changing your diet radically like this, you may feel low energy levels for the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts.  If this is the case, your body is going through withdrawal symptoms from sugar and carbs.  Just stay strong and get through it, because after you get through that you’ll start to experience feelings of energy and health that you never knew you had!


There you have it.  Some simple, easy to follow rules that will get your metabolism firing and the fat dripping off you in only a matter of weeks.  You don’t need to do any punishing, gut wrenching exercise (walking a few times a week is good enough, if you want to push weights, even better).  And best of al, its absolutely free.

Feel fee to pass this on to your friends, loved ones, or just keep it a secret and enjoy it when people’s eyes pop out of their heads at the transformed and leaner you!

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  1. March 10, 2010 12:35 am

    I should also mention that processed drinks include things like “vitamin water” and energy drinks. which are full of sweeteners, chemicals and other nasties.

    If its not made by mother nature, don’t eat or drink it!

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